Been gone for a minute..

Where has the time gone? When I started this blog, the pandemic hadn’t started and life was “normal” (whatever that means anymore). Sometimes the hardest part about doing something is getting started, but once you get started the hard part becomes staying consistent. Whew, did I find comfort in just STARTING! So much comfort that I didn’t do anything else after that!

Fear is funny. It gets you all worked up and makes you think you have no business doing the things that you dream of. It takes over our thoughts and emotions, our rationality and even our confidence. I always wonder where the basis of my fear comes from. Maybe I surrounded myself with people who relied on fear and used it as an excuse. Maybe someone told me that I couldn’t do something ONE time and I replayed that denial in my mind over and over again until I believed it. The interesting thing is that fear has a place in our lives! When used and listened to correctly, it can save us from a lot of hurt and harm. The only problem is that we sometimes use the practicality of fear as an excuse not to do anything! We find the comfortability in our routine and just kind of… stay there.

These last 6 months have brought about so many changes for me. So many moments began to challenge the comfortable life I’ve created for myself. For some reason, the doable hours, comfortable salary, and flexible schedule I had created for myself just didn’t cut it anymore. I wanted and still want more. And not in a monetary sense, in a life fulfillment sense. Not until recently have a felt God’s call on my life as strongly as I do now. “Exceedingly and abundantly…” that’s what I’ve always heard, but I’ve always thought of it so carnally. I want to be more useful in God’s kingdom. The things that we go through and the pain we endure has a purpose. The question is, are you willing to tell your story? Let’s talk about it! I’ve shared a little bit of the struggles of my most recent life season in my VERY FIRST YOUTUBE VIDEO! Go watch it and tell me what you think! Until next time…


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